Launched in March 2018, the Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project (Hereinafter Referred to as Fruits) Is Moving Forward to New Stages

2021-07-15 17:20 출처: Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project

HONG KONG--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 07월 15일 -- On July 6th, 2021, Fruits (FRTS) has been listed on ProBit Global (As of July 6th, 2021, Coinmarketcap Exchange Ranking: 27), one of the top crypto exchanges.

In addition, on July 11th, 2021, Fruits has officially launched their renewed official website and white paper.
Fruits aims to take a further leap forward in their growth and development.

[About Fruits]
It uses a PoC (Proof-of-Capacity) consensus algorithm - a random draw mining method.
3 Key Features of Fruits PoC

1. Low Power Consumption
2. High-Speed Remittance Processing
3. High Security

Achieving an eco-blockchain that focuses on power saving, which is drawing attention from all over the world.

Fruits aims to create a mechanism to support the achievement of the SDGs' sustainability goals by leveraging the characteristics of PoC technology.

Whether you are interested in charity or not, this society is made through human connections. The goal for Fruits is to create a Token Economy in which consumption is linked to charity on the blockchain.

Fruits will aim to create an eco-friendly and people-friendly blockchain business so that everyone has the chance to be financially independent and happy.

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